Department of Political Science, Pennsylvania State University



  • European Politics and Government (PL SC 455)
  • Executive-Legislative Politics (PL SC 424)
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics – Honors (PL SC 3U)
  • Elections and Electoral Systems (PL SC 83T)
  • Independent Study: Politics of Francophone Africa (PL SC 496)

Leuven-Montreal Winter School on Elections and Voting Behavior

  • Impact of Elections on Government Formation, University of Montreal (2016).

Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models Summer Institute

  • Comparative Politics Module, University of Michigan (2015)

Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection

  • Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (Summer 2010 – 2013)

Department of Political Science, Florida State University


  • Game Theory
  • Political Institutions
  • Executive-Legislative Politics


  • European Politics and Government (CPO3103)
  • Introduction to Comparative Political Science (CPO2002)
  • Institutional Approaches to Democracies and Dictatorships
  • Social Sciences Honors Seminar
  • Directed Independent Study (French Politics)
  • Directed Independent Study (Comparative Political Research)